Small request of help (again)

:p… hi all sorry this is becomming a bit of a habbit but i think this should be the last time ill be asking for help like this :).

thanks to DT i now have the equipment to be able to network all my PC’s together.
I have a ROUTER!.

now its nice and easy… i plug the first two PC’s in and they work perfectly on the network with file shareing and Internet.
but no matter how hard i try (even swapping cables) i cannot get the laptop to work on the network.
Can anyone help me… i have taken the steps people have told me before like entering the IP and all those numbers Ect.
ive tried changing the cable around going through the network setup wizard.
ive phoned NTL for help.
with no such luck as i dont think they like having more than one PC connected at a time.

the laptop says its connected. 100mbps . and i can run VNC with no troubles on it.
but thats it… no file shareing or internet.
can anyone help with this one?

What OS is the laptop andy ?

PM me your phone number mate :slight_smile:


Ohhh, you got the top level support package :cool: :chuckle:

Can anybody tell that for the first time in ages i’ve got a day at my desk :devil:

Sorted :smiley:


all done :smiley: thanks DT… im gonna need to buy that guy a brewry at this rate
and cheers to gazza aswel :smiley:
And thanks for replying peige :smiley:

So come on then what was the ansewr :smiley:

the laptop was set to DNS server manually, put that to auto then ipconfig /flushdns and there you go, nice and easy :slight_smile:


:smiley: Huh that might be nice and easy for you DT but your post read to me like

:confused: :confused:

I must try and get to grips with this networking stuff :smiley: :smiley:

Its only because we’ve had too much beer when we try to sort out your networking issues shanks.

Was it the firewall or lack of sp2 that threw us last time :lol:

lol @ shanks…im the same lol.
using CMD is not a problem for me… knowing the commands are.
but thatnks to DT its all sorted… just one bloody problem which is not down to the setup but a harware problem and that is the ethernet port on the laptop is knacakrd… i have to have the cable in at a kind of angle to have it work lol…
but up next… probably summer next year will be WIRELESS NETWORKING so watch this space :smiley:

got a pcmcia lan card here - let me know :slight_smile:


Same here…only an old 10mb one though.

Andy can your new router push out a wireless signal now?


Nope - it’s a wired Belkin jobbie.


but he could…get a wireless pci card bridge the connection and do card to card wireless connection :wink:

:confused: :confused: I don’t recall saying anything about him not being able to ???

Besides, when there is hardware specifically designed to do such a job, why take the midly complex route of having to have a PC on to make the wireless active ? Use the tools for the job, wireless access point in this case :deal:


:lol: was just giving the option…but one more question why would a cruncher be off :eek: :bondage: :smackbum: :moon: