Small Software Guide

VLC- VideolanCentre is a great little media player, Ive never needed a codec for it. It also features a streaming ability and allows web based control. The best media player availabe imo and is free.

K-lite Codec Pack- For the people who choose to use Windows media player codec this is a great codec pack features probably every codec youll ever need and its free.

AvastAntiVirus- Out of all the antiviruses there are this has to be the best, it features an on access scanner witch is constantly scanning in the background and it also features a script stopper witch helps in the fight against adware and viruses. Its free when you sign up for a serial number (for 14months) witch takes 5mins, and then when thats up just sign up again as the website tells you.

I will update this very often

Bin I can add the list to the free sowftware sticky…once I update the sticky.