SMART-1 Reaches the Moon

SMART-1, the European Space Agency’s first ever mission to the Moon, is due to be captured into lunar orbit on 15th/16th November. In advance of this key milestone come along and find out more about the achievements of the Mission so far and the science operations planned once the spacecraft is in lunar orbit.

The UK’s contribution to the mission is a miniature sensor called D-CIXS. The instrument will take X-ray images of the Moon and investigate the chemical make-up of the lunar surface. D-CIXS represents a new generation of X-ray sensors that will be used on future missions to other planets

The press briefing takes place on Thursday 11th November at the Royal Institution, Albermarle Street, London, W1S 4BS.

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Smart-1 Overview at ESA

Ion drives: Science fiction or science fact?

First of ESA’s small missions to test new technology, SMART-1 is also the first European spacecraft to go to the Moon. Its main objective is to test solar-electric primary propulsion for future deep-space missions.

Fingers crossed that all is going good.

Sir Ulli

The first Mission to Moon by the ESA…

Shame on you :eek:

and one of the Missions with the [Ion Drive](New Ion drives: Science fiction or science fact?)

that will gave all space Missions a Break, i think…

but you not the only one who missed this,

the ESA have to think about , their work … for public

Sir Ulli

Me neither. Thanks Ulli, Nice read.

dont worry, i know about this… i watched “sky at night” with patric moore :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: this is the one that goes aroudn the moon and inshort LOOKS at it… constently, and … well… NOTHING ELSE,

apparenrly one is being made for MARS too… and the rest in time
.nothing but spin around the planets looking at them…

i sorpose its good in a way,… as u can see if there are changes over time, rather than a probe going past every 2-5 years odd… as u can see when and hopfully WHY it changes :slight_smile:

it would be nice to have an array of them round juptior… watching the storms

SMART-1’s first images from the Moon

26 January 2005
ESA’s SMART-1 captured its first close-range images of the Moon this January, during a sequence of test lunar observations from an altitude between 1000 and 5000 kilometres above the lunar surface.

SMART-1 entered its first orbit around the Moon on 15 November 2004. It has spent the two months following spiralling down to the Moon and testing its array of instruments.

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A British device that doesn’t leak oil? :confused:

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There must be someone who doesn’t quite agree with my observation.

:eek: You need oil :smiley:

I must have hit a kernel of truth.


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