Not really had much “experience” for this type of thing. I’m looking at getting a smartphone for when my laptop is just too big to carry.

Key things it must do.

Make phone calls (network unlocked)
Receive phone calls (network unlocked)

Wireless enabled
Check emails on a variety of protocols (using both wireless and phone for emergencies)
Web browser

Proper keypad, or at least as close to qwerty as possible.

Now I know a Nokia communicator will do the job, but they are a little aged now, so is a PDA/Smartphone a better solution.

Gadgets like MP3 camera are givens, not important to me but I would like to carry one piece of hardware around, not three.

Anyone got something already they can recommend ?

:cheers: in advance :thumbsup:


oohh oohh oohh

smartphones, just gotta love em,

I use an MDA Compact, the original one it’s small enough to be small but big enough to be a full on PDA. 2 things wrong with it, no propper keyboard, no wi-fi…

enter the daddy,

It has everything, if I could I’d be upgrading :slight_smile:

click the link, read the review, you’ll agree and you’ll NEVER go back to a normal mobile phone.


what about looking into the blueberrys ?

just a thought :smiley:

blueberries = nice in a muffin or cheesecake :muffins:

Blackberries might help me answer the phone though :moon:



Deffo stray away from blackberry

blackberry is Business Contract only…