I got an e-mail from this photographer saying he had done some pictures of Brittney in the hispital as part of his charity work with the Shriners. I thought Oh how cool I have not been there in about two weeks so I’ll get to see some recent photo’s… Well yea but guess what you have to do if you want a copy…
Errr… Hold me back guys I am out of control… ERR…:mad: :mad: :mad:
Oh see for yourself.

At least she was smiling

I don’t get the “charity” part. If the Shriners were receiving a part of proceeds, you would expect to see a notice to that effect.

It looks like he is just an independent photographer looking to make a buck.
I wonder if the Shriners have even heard of him!

testicles to that! i would check like Tom suggests!

I agree.
TBH i do not like the idea of someone taking photos without permission of someone in a hospital and then having them hosted on the internet for all to buy…?
it doesnt seem right to me…
but like tom says hes probably trying to make a fast buck.

notice how britny is the first on the page of god’s special children though.
there are no others all the rest are swimsuit modlers.
i really dont get what is going on with that… am i being paranoid?

that looks real low - and tbh those photos do not look that great anyway. Taken with a not too good flash if those proofs are anything to go by. Did the parents get free prints ?

Seems pretty darn low to me.


Yea the whole thing does freak me out and the shriners had no part… From what I understand. I mean those people are so good to my sister and her. They are taking care of everything from flights back and forth and such. I called after I posted and they are looking into it.

just seen what Andy meant abouut the other pages, i think this guy should be nailed for intrusion of privacy, causing distress and anything else one of your American lawyers can think of. A few $ million should pay for a lot of treatment for Britney!