Sod's Law

You decide it’s about time the laptop needs a reformat and you can only find the driver disc, attached software disc and the Norton disc.

No recovery disc.

Dammit where did I leave it?! :confused:


Found it at the bottom of a draw full of PC bits. Phew!


I just managed to delete all my documents. Including all my emails, music, uni and college work.

Like a fool I reformatted the laptop, installed the sync program I use, ran it.

Forgot that I changed the Documents to external drive script I use is a backup script that deletes anything in the destination not in the Source. So deleted all the documents.:furious:

Anyone know any file recovery programs? It’s an Ext3 formatted drive so I think from a quick Google it looks like they’re all gone:(

Ooops!! Sorry Chris, I only know Windoze and I use CDs and a partition for docs… :shrug: Don’t you have any hard copies at all?

The hard copy I have is about a month old. Stupid I know.

Irony is I was going to update the DVD tomorrow. That would have kept my project work at least.

Trying to google for some help.

GetDataBack for NTFS/FAT works best imo.

Install it and run it against the drive. You only need to pay for it or “borrow” a serial number if you want to recover the data.

The disc was Ext3 and I tried hard to get everything back but no go.

Ah well, now that Ubuntu supports writing to NTFS, I’ve formatted the drives I have to NTFS allowing multi OS use again but this time with the benefit if I do screw up again, it might be as bad.

Also changing my backup habits now…