Software from Mojos

hi, while at mojos i seen a really good Widget software, and for once i actually rememberd its name, ‘Konfabulator’.
but it seems Yahoo has taken them over and Royallly ****ed it up like only they can.

has anyone got the older version they can send me? thankie

The Yahoo widgets one seems fine to me. :confused: Though I did only use it for about 2 hours before removing it…didn’t like the widgets idea…
How do you mean messed it up?


It may be here…

You got PM :slight_smile:

That’s a lovely resource there D. Cheers!!

thankie, it seems it wasn’t Yahoo buggering it up… i thought yahoo changed the default CPU load widget… it seems they havn’t, i seen a Diffrent CPU widget at Mojo’s… arr well, i’l go look for that instead

Try this one wormss

Pretty much the same as the Konfabthingy according to the articles I’ve read.



Yep its great I’m using it at the min, once it’s finished crawling your computer you hardly notice it’s there. And the number of plugs available is great, just be careful, some are a bit :censored:.