Some Photos.... (large photos)

Very Nice. I really like the first one But I also Like The Roads.

Nice pics m8. I like the one of the lake. Great reflections!

The first one is great nice contrast between the slinky and the sand / seaweed.
Good exposure on the 4th to get the sky and reflection just right :slight_smile:

Would i be right in thinking that you now have a Cannon 350D :slight_smile:

I have yet to buy a camera… lol Ive been saving… and doing loads of overtime… so I do plan on getting one before christmas… but yup thats the camera ive chosen :slight_smile:

am currently taking pictures with my N95… and allthow I dont have as much options as I did with the 350D they are still some nice shots to be had!


thanks for the opinions :smiley: