Someone needs to go to bed ....

… ah bless - a certain dankroom member sat on stool starting to look a little weary. We look around and quite fortunately someone had a phone on and was quick enough to take a piccie :smiley: :thumbsup:

He literally fell asleep on the stool and lost balance, a true professional though, as he woke up and fell off he never spilt a drop :smiley: :wasted:



Unfortunately I missed it because I was at loo when he did it :cry:

LOL nice one…And i take my hat off to him for not spilling :D.
What a pro!

" SPILL " don’t you swear at me ! :mad:


Ack! You covered the pool table?!!! Why!! :smiley:


They’d given up trying to beat me by then :smiley: