Has anyone tried songbird…
I don’t know how I missed that media player based of the Mozilla platform.
It is a nice piece of work and love the look, bet in time this one goes far.

I have it on my Ubuntu machine… pretty sweet… I should really download it for XP. cheers for reminding me :slight_smile:

Looks quite good from the screenshots. Will have to try it I think. I’d only really use the music player part of it, mainly because it looks better than Rythmbox!

I’ll see if I can find a 64 bit one…just upgraded to Ubuntu 64 bit.

me goes for a look :tiphat:

Showoff :wink:

yeah, darn students … all beer and 64 bit unix :lol:

Sorted. Simple 64 bit install as well :smiley: Detected it when I went to the website.

It’s a very nice player, very Winamp esque. Does seem to chew up CPU time at times though…Unfortunatly it won’t minimise to system tray so it’s out for the minute until it can. And seems a bit of a waste for me because I wasn’t using the browser function (already got 32 bit Opera, 32 bit Swiftfox and 64 Firefox installed…)…though I can see it would be nice to use.

Songbird EXT Minimize to tray But windows users only at moment

Does use a lot of CPU… but it is Beta, have to see in final ver.

and agree, never will use the browser part except for times of taking embedded material.

But one needs to support open source for it to improve

It nice, but deffo buggy in places and those bugs deffo top out the CPU
still better than m$ ware.

And non of those bugs have actually crashed it yet so thumbs up :thumbsup:

Yea… been finding a couple critters hanging around too…
But the same no crash or error problems, I try to report such and hopefully they will work all out, it is still beta.

I’m warming to it. Using the Windos version ATM and I’m finiding the internal browser to be quite useful.

Overall coming along very nicely :smiley: