Sony 10" pentagon Sub

Window shopping for some ICE for the new Seat and I spotted this rather kewl looking sub :

Looks good, but does it sound any good?

(Well, it’s the same colour as the car - I have a green Infinity 12" in the BX :slight_smile: )


Best sub around for that kind of money is this one.

I emplore you…do not buy the Sony, I cannot emphasise this enough…they are totally and utterly sh*te!!!

And don’t buy a box either. I’ll design you one…then you can build it yourself, or I’ll build it. Will cost no more than buying one, and will sound a million times better.

Trust me. :slight_smile:

O’Borg I can honestly say I’d take Bibby up on his offer of either design or designa nd build. The lad knows what he’s doing.

lol @ rated at 1100watts.

What kinda watts are those, imaginary ones? SMBW (Sony Make Believe Watts)


Get Bibby to do one for you - much better.


Uh, thats a ‘No’ then, is it? :wink:

I only fancied it cos it looked good in red, and it can’t be any worse than the 10" Phase-Linear-Cheapo thingy I’ve got in a ported box at the moment.
Anyway, the rest of the system is a Pioneer KH1013(?) Cassete HU with 6CD multichanger and a Mac-Audio somethingsomething amp for the sub. I’m not exactly the Iceman…

/Me wonders if I you can spraypaint subwoofers…

When I get the Seat on the road (next week or two I hope) I may well give you a call then Bibby :slight_smile:

MacAudio are budget amps…but they are well respected in the proper ice world m8 (not talking max power wannabees :smiley: )…very good budget amps indeed.

Give me the model number of your Phase Linear sub and the Mac amp. PL’s kit isn’t that bad, and is certainly much more musical than that Sony pile of poo-poo. It may be that a more suitable enclosure would be all you need, and not a new sub. :wink:

You’d have to tell me what you want from the sub, and we can work from there.

Don’t forget, with any ice, it’s 90% install and 10% kit. A well installed £500 budget system will sound much better than a £1000 budget poorly installed system.

Front component speakers, sub, all amped. It’s all anyone needs for a well balanced musical system in a car…and regardless of budget, if installed properly, will sound a million times better than 10 x 15" Sony xPlods and umpteen 6x9’s on the parcel shelf.

The Amp’s a Mac Audio Macattack 200, rated at 100w DIN in to 4 ohms (bridged). I run it without the crossover set. Have to pull the box out at the weekend to check the sub specs :slight_smile:

BTW, what method do you use to secure your sub boxes? In the Citroen I have some eyelets screwed into the floor and rear seat and use a webbing strap. The V**hall used to have two long strips of sticky-backed velcro until I bought another webbing strap :slight_smile:

Well…it’s up to you with what you feel comfortable with.

I have a saloon with a sealed boot…steel bulkhead behind the seat and also the parcel tray. Per se…not too much of a problem if I used velcro.

However…I use a couple of brackets and screw it to a false mdf floor.

I’ve just built a new box for my sub (tuned to 29Hz…lurveley :D) and it’s not fixed in yet. The weight kind of stops it sliding around too much, but I will get round to a more permanent fix for it.

This is what the inside looks like, part way through adding the wadding.

In your hatchback, I would advise a better method over velcro. Not too sure about straps, never used them. It may stop it sliding about, but if you’re in a crash at even just 40mph, the weight of a sub in a box flying through the car into the back of your skull might give you a headache. :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard of an Attack 200…must be quite old? Don’t take no notice of the din reading, it’s the RMS one that’s important…and even then, it depends at what voltage they’ve read it at.

At the end of the day, your budget will be a big decider I guess. If it was me, and I could afford it, I’d consider using the Mac to power your front speakers and add a second amp to run the sub (in a decent box). I would need the model number of the sub before I could tell what it would be like in a new box though.

Check the head unit too, to see if it has RCA pre-outs. :slight_smile:

Ah, the dangers of being bored at work with a credit card…
…I’m wavering over doing an upgrade right now. Keep my existing Pioneer multichanger and Mac amp, buying a Pioneer DEH3630 mp3 head unit and a TSW255 10" sub, which comes pre-boxed for £70 from

<convinvce myself>I really need to change my HU, its got the wrong face plate shape for the dash and it looks all manky…and my existing facia adaptor looks like its the wrong one and I need to take it off to remount the phone holder…</convince…> :wink:

Yup, I wouldn’t go with the Sony. Go with at least a good JL, but Bibby knows tons more than I do. Now, I do have a Sony sub (which is 2x as good as the POS Pioneer IMPP sub I had), but I’m a cheap-arse, as you can tell by my system.

Sony “208W” HU - $120
Pioneer 4-Way 6 1/2" door speakers - $90
Dynomite door tweeters - $20
X-File Audio 2-channel 400W Amp (bridged to 1) - $100
Sony “X-Plode” 10" “800W”(HA! Rated 200W) - $60
Custom designed and built ported box (by me) - $30 for all materials

Just a tad over $400, and it sounds fine to me, it’s just how much you want to spend. But let me say this NEVER buy a Sony HU. POS man, just a few months old and half the time won’t eject a CD without me hitting the dash next to it:rolleyes: That’s the next thing to be replaced, probably with a JVC, Pioneer, or Kenwood deck.