Sorry but goodbye

I’ve been a member here for a few years now, and its always been a great laugh and a great environment. Many of you have become friends and many have been supportive during the hassle i have had in recent years from my stalker / ex, for which I wish to say thankyou. Various of my posts have been used by my ex to block my access to my daughter, without success. Last weekend this problem surfaced again as a snide comment by another member, a comment which could only have been made by my ex lurking the forums.

As this matter is now in the hands of Dyfed Powys police, the matter will be dealt with properly.

Two reasons…

  1. I have no privacy from this person in these forums.
  2. I have received no legal assistance in getting this problem stopped.

have combined to cause me to have to cease my activities in this forum. I regret it has come to this, but its goodbye from me, Hawkeye and Houlihan.


I was rather unfair on the Mods here, they give their time for free and can’t be blamed for treating everyone equally. And I understand that unless the IP is static then its not worth blocking it (or fair, or possibly even not legal). Most of my frustration was at the legal system and the Mod happened to be in the way :sorrysmilie:
Bye :wave:

I understand the situation but as with anything laws abide

Police will have to contact the site owner (Mincer) to obtain such details
(The mods and admins have a right to uphold the privacy of all indivduals on
these forums no matter what the circumstances).

esp. as far as I can see there is no direct link to that user and your ex, so it
would have to be a police matter to piece that info together.

Please PM an admin - If you require details to pass on to the police
for a point of contact.

Point of warning…
//** Please note if trixie is not your ‘EX’ you could be yourself up for liable / slander !!!

Anyone can browse these forums as a guest and as such you should so be aware that the things you post are really added to the public domain. Just look at the bots that surf through here.

Personally I hate to see you go Radar. The banter has been enlightening, but if using these forums has put your custody issues in question or more difficult, take some time away from here. It is in your own best interest.

TPR is not really a private club, anymore that post a handbill on a public bulletin board is, and we should all be aware that this is the case. Given any legal repercussions, I am sure Mincer would be compelled to divulge anyones identity or IP address.

it would be sad to see you go m8. even though i see where you are comming from on this PMM and the major are very right :(.
ill miss ya m8

Sorry to hear you are leaving you willbe missed even if you leave it for a while untill all this is sorted out its sad to think that talking to friends is jepordising your chances with your daughter but she comes b4 us and thats the way it should be.

Wishing you all the luck in the world with this i think its terrible that someone can use you talking and getting advice from ppl you class as friends against you hope you get this mess sorted soon and we will see you back soon.

Pop back every now and again if you can even if its just to say hello.
Good luck
Helen xx

im v.sorry to see you go Radar… it will not be the same :frowning:

But as the Major said if its blocking custody take some time out… in the mean time be sure to pm me your msn ady :wink:

good luck in whatever you decide to do!

Sorry that your leaving Radar :frowning: As the other guys said m8, take a break out and come see us again when things are sorted, as I’m sure they will.

Sorry to see you go Radar. Come back to enjoy the social side of things as a different ID and don’t discuss your RL in a way that could identify you.

Damn mate, soory to hear about this. Don’t let your ex win mate, take a break from this place and concentrate your energies on getting your daughter, then when all is sorted you can come back and spam the hell out of us :wink:
Good luck mate…and as the others have said, don’t be a stranger.

Sorry to see you go mate, but just read the pm i have sent you, hope you reconsider. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that mate.

I reckon the Balrog’s sugesstions sounds good, if the admins allow double accounts (I know forums where double accounts are bannable offences for BOTH accounts…)

we’ll all still be here when you get back I guess…

If Radar wishes to use an alias … I cannot see the Mods or admin having
any issue with that and would certainly allow you to keep forum contact
with close friends.

Missed something in my orginal post :wink: Will be sad to see you leave TPR
The Bungy Cord will be attached tightly :wink:


well, I guess this calls for a quote or two from the M.A.S.H. series …

I am very sorry that you have come to this decision, Radar. You have met some of us and know what we are like (OK so that would cause any sane person to leave so I will drop that line :stuck_out_tongue: ) but also, I hope, know that we as TPR have been behind you 100% through your ‘difficulties’.

Please be assured that the Admin team will cooperate 100% with any police enquiry, but unfortunately we also have to protect ourselves. If we banned an IP address of an individual and they take umbridge they could take legal proceedings against the forum owner and admins.

If you would like to continue your association under a pseudonym then PM either myself or DT and we will ensure that things are done correctly to maximise your privacy.

Very sad to see your issues force this decision Radar. After reading backwards the IRC conversation the other night, when you said not answered PM I thought in IRC, and there wasn’t one. On that assumption and since reading this thread in more detail, I presume I have missed a PM from you, and for that I apologise. The issue was discussed in the temple and I know that your “port of call” answered questions that were based on the discussions there.

The very best for you for the future mate.


May I point out on an dynamic IP address it would have been a worthless ban anyway and would serve to only cause problems for anyone on the same block code who were to be later assigned that IP addy.

So Some forethought has to be given in applying any form of IP ban anyway
but as far as I believe that just stops them being able to register and post,
they could as far as I am aware still view the forums as a guest.

well Ive beenn giving it some thought…why not introduce a private members only cantina ? like the ogame forum only members that mods add can see ??

While in theaory that can be done, in practice it is not such a good idea, eveyone is equal on these forums and I fear it would cause an us and them situation.

While I’m sorry to see Radar go, I can only wish him the best of luck and hope everything turns out the way he would like it.


Sorry things have come to this Radar. I hope everything turns out good for you in the future and that we will all see you back at TPR when everything is sorted for you :slight_smile:

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