Sorry no news

Sorry for the lack of news, not been able to get to Dp’s stats site for a few days, really need to get the excel stuff sorted so I can use the numbers from jeff’s stats, I’ll try and see if I can do something by hand for tomorrow, can’t promise but watch this space :wink:


Oh dear, this will not do at all :slight_smile:

so … lifemapper news Wolram style :eek:

****** insert Lifemapper Banner here ******

Joiners … Dunno
Leavers … I should cocoa :stuck_out_tongue:

Latest results … Most peeps have increased their completed unit count :cool: so there might be a few ups and downs in the table

Congrats to Wolram on passing the 100 mark :rolleyes:

Detailed synopsis …
FISH … some small ones have been eaten by larger ones, aforementioned larger ones swam West looking for lunch but ran into very large ones and ended up as lunch.
FLORA/FAUNA … due to the hot weather, many species have been trimmed back but will continue to flourish and spread with ease (especially the WEED varieties)
MAMMALS … most species are still doing remarkably well considering the efforts by Homo-Sapien to erradicate anything that doesn’t carry a mobile phone
INSECTS … lots of the little blighters … look set for world domination sometime soon

Bad news for anyone specialising in the study of “TV Presenters” :o The software used to analyse these relies heavily on monitoring the Alpha waves emited whilst the hosts brain is actually working. Due to a lack of results from this species for 3 months, we have decided to amalgamate them into the “2 short planks” species :smiley:

Thankyou for your patience, normal service may be resumed shortly :lol: :lol:

nice one Wolram :smiley:

congrats on passing 100 :thumbsup: