space pioneers

TPR are currently involved in a game called space pioneers, we play mainly in galaxy two and have picked up a few tips along the way.

always start a account in bootcamp and begin by using a link of a member such as this one,

A guide to bootcamp.
there are many ways to play this, i used the theory of many planets and a good setup for the game.
before reaching 1000 points i had roughly
mines level
metal 16
crystal 14
trit 11

on my colonies i had roughly level 10-12metal, 8-10 crystal, 6 duet of each mine.

Set up colonies in slots 10-12 for big planet results :slight_smile: if a planet is less than 196 fields dont be afraid to delete it! in the long run it is costly to terraform and increase the planet size.

The move
When leaving bootcamp you will gain a large increase bonus of mines and technologies. Many TPR members have found this has lead to a shortage in power so try and have excess power when making the move. do not has large stores of reserves either as entering the galaxy the amounts are set to a pro rata rate.

The main game.
Firstly if your been in here and looking and like what TPR are and stand for then apply to the alliance.
Get the second method of power as soon as possible, these are more efficient than using solar plants in many cases.

after this the game is yours to play however you choose, both merchant and warrior has its advantages depending on your style of play.

this will be edited and tidied up when i’m less tired, if anyone has more to add then post below and i shall edit my post