Speen 4x4 with TV4x4

So, another weekend and another play in the mud. Gertrude was well enough to take part this weekend, after a few <cough> issues after the last event out.

Speen is a woodland area, with a couple of routes and some rather tight corners to get round due to trees and viewable stumps in the tracks. A couple of very deep bombholes, and a nice flat lake bit of water. I didn’t think it was as interesting as the MOD sites that I’ve been to, but it was still worth the drive.

One thing to note though, at this time of year, water hazards in woodland have a lot of leaves in, I had to remove all the trim around headlights etc to clean out my radiator properly, and many of the wings and fron drains holes all got clogged with leaves. As always though, it was worth it, and although I now have a faulty transmission temp sensor thanks to it getting submerged, I think that’s going to be it for the year, maybe some laning on Salisbury plains over Christmas.

Michael was the camera man, and there are a couple of shots of great composition, so good that a new better camera may get ordered for the new trip, the one he was using was a £30 ebuyer cheapo - and when the pictures are viewed at 100%, you can tell :frowning:

That’s my fave


Have you considered getting some sort of in-car camera setup DT? I bet you could make some fun vids. :wink:

Let him drive next time so you can take the photos :wink:

he has driven Gertrude a couple of times now, both boys have and Becky still hasn’t! jHorner forum name was with us on this one, he was going to bring his DV, but it had no charge :frowning:

Next time … :slight_smile:


I’ve got a shockproof, waterproof, mudproof camera that should even work upside down.
you are welcome to borrow it and record Beckys first go.

It runs on AA batteries and records avi files onto a flash card, simple technology.
Requires a bit of mucking about as it has no viewfinder or display so you cannot see whats being recorded.
Its an ATC-2K something or other.
I meant to take it to Abingdon and take some pictures of the sky as seen over a Daihatsu bonnet but ran out of time while trying to find a tyre fitter that wasnt a complete %^&^&^