Spring clean :)

Well as the heat seems its well on the way… I thought it best to get the rigs into bits and clean them out :slight_smile:

new mobo for my intel :slight_smile: cost me 25quid :slight_smile: and a new case :wink: (pulled from a skip I might add but its funny as I thought it was a pants pc… but it was a intel celey very nice :slight_smile: already got it in a board and already trying to off the pc on someone else :slight_smile: :lol:

but yer the hoover has been out and the cases vacumed and washed :slight_smile: think ill do it once a month over the summer…

whats the plans for everyone else throught the summer months ?

three more rigs to sell, assuming the Shuttle goes for a mint on Ebay :slight_smile:

Said somewhere else, the ballpark has moved, if it’s less than 3Ghz or 3000Amd Rating then it’s going. In general my machines don’t need cleaning out, they are all filter protected so I just wipe off the filters, if it doesn’t have a filter, it doesn’t have a case :lol: (or a disk:D )


:eek: Mainenance. I’m a fix it when its broke type of chap.
Despite smoking and having persian cats my machines don’t get furred up inside. I always make sure there’s more fans going in than out and fit an old stocking leg to each inlet fan.


stocking leg as an air filter. That sounds doable…I have a thick layer of dust on the AMD 3500 at Uni…Might try that idea because I have large holes on the side of the case that just allow the dust in.

Well tis maybe time I did some spring cleaning…When I get back to Leeds, I guess I’ll invest in some compressed air to clean the case out then affix some stockings to the holes and fans by sounds then… It’s fairly quiet so nothing needed on that front.

The media center has no need really yet I guess because it’s only recently been put together but I’ll have a look… Uni rooms get VERY dusty very quickly (because it’s your only private room, you use it a lot and thus dust…)

@binlala - Isn’t an Intel Celey a pant CPU anyhow? :chuckle:


als part of the spring clean is a total new install for my two main rigs…the ones that are staying on over the summer :slight_smile:

the rest are being decommishioned and are going to be put away :slight_smile: maybe ill try and sell some :slight_smile:

stocking leg as an air filter.

just remember that whilst fishnets look good on a shapely thigh, they are USELESS as filtering dust :wink:

Well, the caps an my board exploded, so i soldered new ones in. i cleaned it out while i was in there aswell, donno if that counts.

I will paint my windows with sour milk to keep the sun out.
Worked rather well last year.

:confused: WTF. Care to give us a bit more detail.

Here’s my inlet ‘filter’. Leave enough trailing out to give a large area and not affect flow.

The shape of it alters in a rather amusing way if you have variable fan speed :smiley:

Eh, just take a brush and paint it on.
1 liter lasts for 3 windows and 2 layers, cheap and effective.
It gives the room a nice milky light tone and it smells good, don’t paint it on the outside though, first rain will wash it away.
And I don’t care what the neighbors says:p