Staff changes at work !!!!!

What a week.

Have recruited a systems engineer, needed additional one for project work along with the other 4.

Have lost 2 contract operators, 1 to another company, 1 being offered staff position within my company as engineer. I need another to cover long term sickness too.

New contract set up for operators with new company.
2 good candidates being interviewed next week.

Being working on these for over a month and they all came in today.

Just like waiting for a bus and they all come together. :slight_smile:

wait until november then I might be able to post one of those for you :rolleyes:

The Oil and Gas industry are screaming for people.

Ever since Oil went over $50 a barrell every operator has been kicking off projects to increase production.

KBR in Aberdeen are recruiting 170 new people because of their extra work.

Kellogg is a good company to work for - their Surrey headquarters (UK) is a cool building.


and why are any posts relevant to the first one :confused:

glad to hear its not I lost my job like so many it IT recently :nod: :frowning:


I dont know which sectors of IT are suffering but I am finding at the moment I have more work than I can handle as a systems/database developer. May the good times roll.

I hope that everyone finds a silver lining in every cloud.