Stag beetle

Some googling and some general questions in the office confirm that the monster pair of insects that were in the garden yesterday are indeed stag beetles.

I would have liked to go fetch the decent camera, but I was already a little late for work, so phone camera will have to do. The things must have plenty of food in the garden, keys are for size compare.


Thats an evil-looking bugger!

At first I thought it looked scary too. But just reading up on it…

…if you can find them again get your better camera :smiley:

They don’t live long in beetle form, You’ll only see them between May to August about looking for a lady friend.

P.s. The Male’s can fly…

edit I think they may be near to being an in dangered species as well ??? there was something I heard about a Bio-diversity study being done…


I’m going to go looking for them again tonight, I think you can make out just underneath one of the beetles that there could well have been a female there as well, but someones foot got there first :frowning:

Going to have words with the kids tonight, as they are on the decline and where I found them is a perfect habitat for them from the various links I followed.


neighbours kids have killed one of them :frowning: remains are where I found them yesterday :cry:

I’m hoping that there are some more living in where I put all the dead wood and bits late last year.

/edit - we’ve been to speak to them and they killed the two I saw yesterday :frowning:


found a female one today :woot:

not as impressive as the males, but hoping it will not be long before she attracts the impressive looking males.