still having boinc problems

I am still having the problems with boinc as i was before the work keeps pre emptying i have taken a pic of the work screen to let you see what it says i dont understand it all wondering if you guys could mabee work it out if you need any more screen shots i will be glad to show you

I sure hope you can help me

thanx Helen xx

Boinc is doing it’s job exactly as schedule, a new work unit you have downloaded has a deadline earlier than the unit you were working on, and in order to meet the deadline Boinc starts working on it.

No problem - just Boinc doing it’s job properly, otherwise you may not finish the unit in time and spend 11hours for no credit at all :slight_smile:


Hi Helen,

in this case Boinc is doing the correct thing. It has recieved a workunit that as a deadline earlier than the one it is currently working on. So, it suspends the current workunit (known as pre-empting it) and switches to run the new, earlier deadline, unit.

I’m not up to speed with the changes at Seti. I know they have released the new enhanced application, and that it has longer deadlines than the old app. I don’t know if the units are being sent out for the old app still. If they are, then perhaps this might explain why you have units with different deadlines.

/edit (oops DT beat me to it!)

Thanx guys i thought it was just stopping work just before the 100% and it wasnt doing the work and going a bit mad on me

Helen xx