Stompio Warning

note to self :wink: :smiley:

Go Avalon :driving:

I reckon you’ll beat me to 500K by about 20days at your current output of 5K daily vs my current output of 2K daily, so that puts :stomp: warning on alert for about 3months time roughly :stomp:

And no, I can’t race you or beat you off - and for the CPDN science would not want to :smiley: Pedal to the metal :driving:

Above us with less production - anyone seen Jeff :Poke: US Distributed first, then not long before I reckon we can break top10 in teams :woot:


Would be reeeely nice to get one over on the next team up but it looks like they’re accelerating :frowning:

Camelfoot is coming up really fast, doing about 50k a day :frowning:
Wonder how it would feel to have a camel foot in the neck, I don’t think they smell very good either :shifty:

Well I’ve just put all 3 macines here on CPDN for a week…not a lot but every little helps.

Way to go Drezha. Make hay while the cats away :confused: :smiley: