Sub-£250 WIFI Laser colour printer?

I know it’s a big ask, but does anyone know of anywhere my boss could buy the above from? I’ve tried the usual places, Dabs, Ebuyer, Dell, even PCworld, but they either don’t have a wireless option or are much dearer than £250.

All suggestions gratefully received.

what about a normal a4 laser colour printer with a wireless print server ?

Certainly an idea to try as a fallback. I’ll suggest it to him. Cheers PS :thumbsup:

does it have to be a laser?

coz if not the misses and i have

and thats awsome

Yes it must be laser I’m afraid.

Ebuyer have the network ready HP on cheap at the moment, sub £200 I believe, its the 2600n I have one and its a cracking printer. Add a gaming adaptor for the wireless and hey-hoh

I have the 1600 and its a great printer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ideas guys. :thumbsup: Looks like the HP 2600n and the Belkin print server are the best options.

You don’t need a print server its network aware RJ45 10/100 built in. You need a wireless gaming adapter or similar to make its own network awareness wireless.