Sunday Times of London Blackballed

I found this just so disgraceful by such a large paper.

Official release from JAMA about them. Rumor now has it by reliable source that they may by cut off by several news wires.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The embargo on the Archives of Internal Medicine paper was broken by Jonathan Leake of The Sunday Times of London. In response to this violation, all reporters and editors at The Sunday Times will no longer have pre- or post-embargo access to any JAMA/Archives materials.

The JAMA/Archives Media Relations Department again thanks reporters who continue to abide by the embargo, and who notify us of embargo violations.

Sunday Times, Reuters, UPI… they all seem to be at it.

Interesting article from two journalists about JAMA embargoes saying they really aren’t too bothered, and questioning the motives…another one here argues for the embargoes to go full stop, and the most likely and boring explanation is that as his paper publishes on Sunday morning UK time the JAMA embargo lift times mean anything he writes will be old news well before publication…oh to know the truth sometimes eh?

And for us Brits, the irony of a publication embargo being broken by a person called Leake is simply delicious :smiley:

Well he just is out right lying.
In the last two weeks there was three broken embargoes.
First embargoes don’t just go by date but by time also.
The range was from 3-6 days on the break, not just hours as they are implying.
This is not even debatable by them.

I receive embargoes from JAMA, and the proof indisputable right in front of me.

They should have at least of removed it from the web site to show some dignity in this matter.