Sunset over Bristol

Just caught the last rays of the sun

Taken with my trusty 1.3mpxl Fuji Finepix 1300.

That’s a cracking shot Droid :thumbsup:

Yes that’s a cracking shot :nod:

Brilliant :nod:

don’t know if it’s the camera, lighting, or what (?) but the tree looks great … the branches seem to be lit with their own light source

I just caught it at the right moment I guess. Thanks guys.

Yes but its nice composition too imo

this is about the nearest i’ve got to getting something like that, no where near as nice.

One of mine, but lacks the composition and interest.

would never have guessed it was Bristol.

In fact I can only vaguely ,make out that there houses…

well I think you captured the ghost helicopter just fine Mr B. :smiley:

(… or is it a flying shark - top right area)

LOL, never spotted that before. We were on our way back from a whale watch so could be a broaching Humpback.

It’s taken from Ladies Mile on The Downs, looking towards Sneyd Park

That ocean picture is beautiful =P