super cruncher?

Hi comrades … your team technophobe (me) would like to ask a question. I presently have two oldish desktops, nothing special at all, and two laptops pretty well going 24/7 and taking up a lot of space in a very small room. to replace these with one super cruncher with the ability to multitask, and make people say “WOW” when they saw it, What would be the best machine and how much would it cost to buy/have built? :tiphat:

wow, how long is a piece of string :smiley:

pretty sure an i7 based system would be what you want, for wow factor something from AlienWare or the Dell XPS with water cooling :smiley:

As for budget, well I can easily spec out over £15k for my ultimate desktop :smiley:


I think you want to start with this motherboard and go i7 950 and get a shed load of single slot CUDA gpu’s.

ASUS P6T7-WS SuperComputer

:whiteflag: wow!! thanks for the reply guys … I’ve done some research along the lines you sugested and come to the conclusion that my dream cruncher must, for the time being at least, remain one of my post national lottery winning projects. The i7 system sure looks a BAD mothercruncher!!!
Thanks again for your imput. :tiphat:

QXXXX’s are good. but if you want to wait for intel’s i5 and the skt 1160. from what i have read, its just like an i7 but cheaper and Dual-channel ram, less money again.

Cheers Noel … I await with baited breath. :tiphat:

i7’s are great but they are not the best value.

If your budget is infinite go with an i7 with the most double-spaced PCIe slots and load’em up with GTX295s.

Like DT hinted at, without a budget we won’t be much help.

Hmm, this has got me thinking… I am looking at ordering a new cruncher from Novatech in the next couple of months. Ideally i7 based with GPU’s. I will be installing esx 4i and using this as a test bed for a couple of things, but I will have a dedicated cruncher VM.

Looking around the 1K mark and not sure what mobo etc. to go for. Any input would be appreciated.