Swelling the ranks

The moderation team, after some considerable effort and on-line research, have concluded that some teams are successful simply because of their size. It appears a critical mass then develops which keeps the forums lively.

It is also, unfortunately, apparent that our team has not yet reached this size. Accordingly the following recommendation has been authorised and we would like each member to consider it very carefully

Thankyou for your time and patience

[U]Increasing the size of Team Phoenix Rising by Organic Growth[/U]

Although some members are inputting more than one membership per household, not everyone is. We estimate an increase in numbers of 75% on the forums by following this useful advice:

Enrol every member of your household in the forums

We request that all spouses, parents, cousins, live-in staff, children over 16 years of age and vaguely sentient mammals are enrolled forthwith. If you are unsure as to whether your mammal qualifies, please PM a mod who will be happy to advise.

Thanks for listening. Now I must go and have this afternoon’s training session with Tyson on his specially-constructed keyboard, handmade utilising upside-down poly takeaway boxes and some old bedsprings.

His typing really is coming on. hang on…

TYSON! TYSON!!! Come here boy! Good lad, now look, on the screen, it’s Neal OK? Now type him a nice message…


Not bad eh? I think you’ll all agree he’s really coming on now :slight_smile:

Ack! A day too late. Our gerbil died last night.



commodore cbm monitor I believe this is taking pets and computer one step too far, wouldn’t you agree Tyson??


What do i do if i think this thread makes sense? :wink:

PS! I’m with Tyson on this issue

I spent 3 hours trying to teach a big fat spider how to type its username and password … even went as far as sticking bits of dead flies on the right keys … no good though …

I got peckish and ate it :lol:

Sorry to hear about that m8.

Can I sugest you get him a weejie (or is it ouija) keyboard.

:haha: This is why I love being part of TPR. Cheers guys, you made my day!!