T Shirt in the dark query

Having numerous times put on a T shirt (or vest) in the dark, only to find it was on back to front, which is annoying, I think I may have found a solution, but I need to check whether it is the same with you guys.

When I put on a T shirt the right way round, the washing label is always inside on the left hand side. Where is yours (if you are wearing a T shirt or vest)

The only assumptions are that the item is not inside out and is not a gimp suit :smiley:

/me puts t-shirt back on the right way round …

was nearly caught then, came close to having to explain the empty Ambrosia cans …



:chuckle: others may guess that I kind of added an option to the poll…


TBH they just feel wrong when wearing if put on the wrong way around
so kind of know as soon as its done.

Can’t comment on the labels :wink: … They all get cut out I find them annoying
at times when they rub / scratch so there the 1st thing to go :chuckle:

mine are on the back of the neck…

That’s the manufacturers label, not the washing instruction label. :smiley:

mine has BOTH

Ah! and this where my theory falls down :smiley:

:eek: the results are starting to scare me :lol:


I really dont know where it is, Kristine cuts them off as soon as she gets them home.

Btw good thing this wasn’t a public poll;)

put a new bulb in the socket :Poke:

I really think you should get out more. to B&Q bulb department, for instance?

It’s just one of those things you find, even sillier is that the Label is on the Left and both begin with L. :chin: From the “other than gimp” replies, it seems to stack up IMO :smiley: