Team Ex-Skz

Looks like Team Ex-Skz is first place baby…wooooo!!! :wiggle: :nod: :moon: :stomp:


good work m8’s

:woot: :woot:

:woot: :thumbsup:

:wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: See we can stay together just like before…:Poke: now onto Team Edge …and BANG them into the SKZ… Fun isn’t it…Crunch Crunch to the top…Maybe we can get some more groups over VR team can work for them and we can become # 1…Ok now off soap box back to earth…great job, tippy.

Just goofin…way ta go my SKZ M8’s



Well done you guys :slight_smile:

with a ying and a yang and a yibbidy-doo. Baldrick, turnips all round !!!

Wine me Dine me TPR me:drink: :bounce: :glug: :alan::stomp:

Good job VT Ex-Skz, though it is a little tainted when you compare the number of members on our VT to the others. But kudos none the less!!:stomp:

As an X team, we are good.

I am sure we only got somewhere like 50% skz changed to TPR.

Shame bout the rest.

hehehe…we’ve added a lot to the team…now lets get TPR up to 4M WOOOOs :slight_smile:

:Orbit: :rocker:

Michael “The Saint” Halliwell :angel:

Great job everyone. :rotate: :wiggle: :Orbit: :stomp: :thumbsup:

:hehehmm: Congrats VT… :slight_smile:

And thanks for the recognition from those not in the ex-Skz VT!

Well done the Ex-Skz boyz :nod: :bounce: (no girlies are there ?).


:woot: :rocker: Way to go for us Ex-Skz’ers!!!
:glug: :glug:

…damn! I gotta make more beer now!!! hehehe :cheers:


Way to go VT ex-skz :drink:


good work m8’s

i am back at Friday


^^^^^^celebration Dance for you guys^^^^^^^

Well done

Glad you feel like you have a new home :thumbsup:


(…from a N00b that stumbled here by accident too)

Well done to all me fellow Ex Skz members for getting us to No1 VT.

Me back’s sore now through all that clapping.

:yippee: :drink: :drink:

Oh no we are now position 2.

Its great reading the forum with the old names there.