tell us a secret

i saw this on another forum i use and thought it would go down well here. all you have to do is tell us a secret. i will start…

my secret is…

i spend 1/2 my work day reading rather than doing my job. and i blame others for my lack of work…

ok over to you…

I’m adopted and have tried to locate my real parents without any luck. I haven’t told my foster parents that I’ve tried, I think it might break their hearts.

I’m English :eek:

Now you’ve done it;)

I’m rather tall yet hate heights, or more to the point the fear of falling off the heights, I can stand in the middle of somewhere high but hate edges.

I get really nervous just walking along the edge of the riverbanks :boggle: and when the kids are as well.


I have a great fear of my house going on fire and not being able to get my kids out. So much so that a few years ago it led to OCD.

I have an extreem fear of wasps,
alot of people are sketchy of wasps but i go into a cold sweat in seconds of seeing one,
and i worry in case any land on the kids and i cant shoo them away,
im also alergic to cut grass yet im a gardener :stuck_out_tongue:

my secret is

I keep hiding one of andys shirts because i cant stand it every chance i get i hide it so he cant find it so he doesnt wear it

Im in trouble now

you certainly are in trouble,
and i am the one thinking im going crazy becuase i think i misplace it :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually enjoyed watching Sleepless in Seatle

:eek: I’m scared stiff of cows,have been since I was a kid

It will be 10 years of my brother’s Death in May’2007

I find it to hard to bring myself to visit his grave, and have
not done so since the tragic accident.

I could have easily given him a lift to work that day and he would still
be here :frowning:

You would have thought were hated each other by the way we fought
like cat and dog… it was just our way.

I wish many things had been different between us.

Thats sad PMM :frowning:

I’m such an open kind of girl that I don’t have secrets! There might be things that people don’t know about me. I’m a plane spotter. Anyone not know that?

I’m amazingly insecure and a major paranoid…

I just hiccuped and nearly splilt (note only nearly) mt shot of whiskey


I have serious confidence issues till i get to know people. Then 90% of the time they get shocked :lol:

I have a massive fear of the dentist… so bad that I put it off for four years and needed two teeth removed and 11fillins…

went today and need another 4…

I have a fear of heights yet I want to go skydiving.

id say thats the perfect way to get over your fear of heights hope you do it :wink: