Test my site Please

Can people test my site please?


Mainly I’d like the N.U.T.T.E.R.S. download links checked and to make sure all the pages are HTML 4.01 valid…

seem all valid here…

as for the links…the Limewire ones are new and thus I’d like to see if they work.

Just a personal thing, but I prefer bigger images to open in a new window leaving the main page with the thumb nails in the background. Otherwise it’s informative, dealing with the subject which obviously shows your passion for the sport.

As an aside and as you should know from reading many a BBS, you have to be aware of your potential audience. I know the team names are in your group, fun, but others may find them offensive and it may turn them off. I’m not a prude, but I have fallen foul of this in a site I used to run in the past. Just a thought.

I thought maybe the team names where maybe slightly wrong…

A bit of fun but then I guess it’s not always good to have stuff like that on the web…people may get the wrong idea.

Anyone know if the Limewire links work? I’ll try them on my brother’s version of Limewire

Links to the video (wmv) didn’t appear to work


They’ve been taken down and I haven’t updated in a good while…

About to do a major overhaul mind.

wow, webpage for a tenner… thats cheaper than outsourcing to India!

@Drezha - you may want to fix the typo in your sales pitch…

“Want a website built but cant do it yourself? Dont wnat to it yourself?
I’ll make you a website at cheap price…”


Well if you want design work I’d suggest for starters :wink:
on this… http://www.drezha.net/designedwebsites.html

you might want to change wnat to want
you might want to change raised to higher :wink:

if ya got a moment, could test my new site too domainhabit.com

got 2 bugs at present which I know about… error on logout and some footer links have dodgy styles. I think there might be fair few more, since I done major updates in last few weeks.


Quick note…

tis only HTML :wink:

I like the TYPO!
Well does make me feel better knowing I am not the only one that does it…
Ok shhh… I had spelled my name wrong on the web page… Gee that up at 2 am to read press releases will get to you.
Hmm by the way I better get a link on your site!..
Or I will have to come and bring you down… oh and not in a good way :smiley:

168kb’s for the nutters banner is a tad large but other than that, looks good to me :slight_smile:

indeed use gif…

IMO this looks just as good and is less than 14k

Modified attached…

Can do…

Will get round to it soon…promise…