Thank You...

to Martin & Bev and the staff once again for welcoming us, for the most excellent food and provision of beverages :thumbsup:

Thank you to Mr Witt for providing the Absynthe and to DT for providing the entertainment :chuckle:

And thank you to everyone that was there for once again making it a fantastic weekend :kisskiss:

I really can’t wait til November now

Indeed a big thanks to the gang at the lowfield inn, anothe great weekend.
As for november i’ll go with what hids said :smiley:

Yep another top notch time had… Thx martin & bev and all though who made the effort
to be there.

Here’s to Novemember

Thanks to Bev, Martin and staff excellent weekend, top notch company, beer and food as always, heres to the next one :slight_smile:


I echo the sentiments above. The hospitatlity, food and company were top notch.

Thankyou to all who contributed.

Thanks Martin and Bev, excellent Guinness, Top notch food.

Looking forward to the next one

ta :wink:

Yep…another great ‘bash’. Cheers to all there, staff, Bev and Martin and all who turned up.
/me starts saving pennies for the next one.

What Hids said ;).

& good luck to Bev with her sponsored walk/run (not sure which it was) :p.

thanks to everyone for a cracking weekend :smiley:

Hids and Step2000 had better watch there backs though :Plot:



The wanderer returns, thought you had nodded off somewhere again

Wasn’t just us 2 either DT :chuckle:

I best not tell him who took the pics :hehehmm: :wink:

Or who held the make up while I got artistic :chuckle:

Cheers all.

Was just relaxing in the bar, looking at Sunday night’s meal bookings and thinking “hmmm an early night for me then…”

And then the busload of drinken women arrived on a birthday pub crawl :scared:

And no, I’m not joking :frowning:

Can you book them for the Saturday next time ?