Thanks to....

…Preecey, Efaill, Speedo, BounceOut (& Linda) for a fab weekend :thumbsup:

Although me puking last night and this morning was not part of the plan, along with Barry throwing me in kids pool last night :shifty:

I’ll apologise on behalf of the kids (or rather Paul) for the early wake up calls, the biscuits in the beds and you all being jumped on at silly times of the morning :lol:

All in all a fab time and I bet you’re all in shock at how much Barry talked :chuckle:

As for Dezy…I’m gonna buy you a calender :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again everyone :smiley:

Barry, Melise & kids

Oi where was that webcam you promised us all :wink: :chuckle:

:lol: We weren’t inside much, especially last night and I’m sure you really didn’t want to see me puke on my nice clean living room carpet :wink:

She did get dunked in the pool while wearing white however… perhaps we should rig up an outdoor cam next time! :wink:

I do belive barry had a picture of said aftermath and there was an OUTDOOR strip tease:eek: :devil: :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: With Barry holding my bath robe round me so that no-one could see :Poke:

Oh Speedo, you left your pillow here btw and Paul is missing you :lol: