That's it, I've had it...

Until the BOINC powers that be start giving us decent info on what’s happening and why servers etc are down I’m returning to folding to get to my 100K and beyond. I feel that if it’s our CPU cylcles they’re using the least they could do is let us know what’s going on:shrug:

Have fun without me.

I know what you mean Juggy, I’m trying to get onto the Predictor@Home project so my cycles aren’t totally wasted for BOINC… no joy on that, though :rolleyes:

I know what you mean Juggy, but think about it 100k @ Folding :thumbsup: will be a nice milestone! I’ll stick with it for now, still getting work from Predictor (even this morning Marc cant understand why you aren’t? :confused: )

See you when BOINC becomes real :slight_smile:

4500 points to go and I’m there…

Still no news - this is now becoming very annoying. I’ve posted on the predictor@home wishlist asking them not to repeat this “no news” scenario when they have to take their servers down - we may at least get one project which can be bothered to keep us up to date.

It isn’t the fact that it’s down that bothers me (surely with Beta software that is to be expected), it’s the fact that it would have taken someone 5 minutes to update the news on the main pages to tell us why and how long they expect it to be down for. I wouldn’t have thought that’s too much to ask.

4500 will probably take around 15 - 20 days. I normally do about 200 - 250 a day. As for how it works I have basically no idea. Just though I’d contribute to the science (protein folding, once we can understand how prteins work and how they grow we can potentially figure out how to stop them from growing incorrectly thus preventing or curing desease).

D2OL is also another worth while project. A few of us over at just started this up last week. Nice overall client and some kick butt statistics available right on the main site.

Distributed Folding and F@H are also nice. I’d recommend F@H a little more since the people that run DF leave much to be desired at times(a little like the Borkley folks imho).

Seventeen or Bust is a fun and stable project that’s more about numbers and LifeMapper is nice… but a little unreliable at times.

My favorite is ChessBrain though… it doesn’t use much in the way of CPU power but it’s a very cool concept and lends itself to running along with another project very well. As a side note, my family will be in the Guiness Book for this project. We were involved in a match with the largest number of individual computers all playing against a Grand Master. The match had it’s quirks but in the end it was a draw(which wasn’t supposed to happen because the CB folks are still more concerned with getting all the computers talking rather than strategy).

There are plenty of other projects to keep you busy. :smiley:

That’ll be cool Jeff. Named in The Guinness Book. Excellent!!