Thats it

The sun is shining and I’ve had enough of being at work so I’m going to knock off a few quid early and start the bank holiday weekend as I mean to go on.

Not sure if I will get spanners to one of the cars or slash and burn in the garden, depends on the weather.

But either way I am now officially chilling out until Tuesday morning.

Have fun peeps

Join the club…stopped work at lunchtime cause nothing was going right. Will try again tuesday once i’ve recovered from the weekend :smiley:

Same. :smiley:

Last exam this afternoon :smiley: :drink:

Last day in current job today - can’t say I’ve been rushed off my feet :lol:

Beckies birthday tomorrow, no idea what we have planned but Sunday we are going to see Rentaghost at the Reading Hexagon theatre :smiley:


Rentaghost !! bloody ell :lol:

I knocked off early today too, other half has a head start on me down the pub, i’m due to join her shortly… hmm but there is beer downstairs.


Amen to that… nice long weekend… then a nice slow week with no children in :smiley: and then a nice 8hour exam next friday :eek:

all fun and games :slight_smile:

What’s all this knocking off early stuff :confused:

I’ve just finished a 2 to 10 shift, heading straight back at 6am for a 6-2 shift to clean & set up the Fryer ready for a 6 to 6 shift on Sunday, topped off with 6 to 2 on Bank Holiday Monday…

… then it’s back to the normal working week (with probably another Saturday Morning shift tagged on at the end)

Bunch of slackers :stuck_out_tongue:

and you wonder why I struggle to get to Mojos

I don’t have to knock off work early. From middle of April through September, we are working our “summer” hours. I work four nine hour days then work four hours on Friday and am done at 11 am. Can’t beat that.

Although, didn’t do much today. Had to mow the lawn and stuff.

After 5 hours and 1 Gallon of petrol I have mowed everything that needs mowing.
The pile of grass is almost shoulder height and its now time for a cold one, or two!

Then I shall get out the hammock and look for my Clarkson book and relax to the smell of new mown grass.

Whats everybody else up to ?

Well I’m Fresh out of cold ‘ones’ So I think the nest step is the ‘Offy Dash’
Hacked off the back of the house and ruffed it ready for dashing.

Think some tidying is due, Then just chill.

just got back from seeing the Rentaghost production at The Hexagon The guy playing Timothy Claypole looked rather like Jonty :eek:

A couple of hours of fun :smiley: Now onto the beer :drink:


Grubbed up three bag fulls of forget-me-nots and cleared away all the old daffs and bluebells, ready for the summer bedding plants. Millions of slugs, snails and woodlice hiding in there. Needless to say there are a lot less now… :devil:

well got :censored: like a fart now… and at MC;s with a big gaming fest lods pf us here :slight_smile: tis awesome :):smiley:

well got :censored: like a fart now

I think its Tourettes…

eh? why would that word be sensord ?? oooook…

ah well!!

Beckie is going away for a few days (her parents in Plymouth), leaving me to my own devices. (i.e. massive list of things to do in the house DIY)

So we’ve just had a really nice roast chicken and some English wine that was actually very tasty. I’m now on the ales and have a couple of little chasers for later …

My corner shop that is a little seller of some little named product, Stroh, is closing down and they have reduced the price of the minatures.

There are six half bottles on the shelf in the shop and it’s a “all stock must go” closing down :woot: Loads of reduced alcohol :smiley: Going to make him an offer on all his stock of Stroh80 :cuckoo:

I’ll never remember the fact they left me for a few days then :lol:


you may never be able to taste food again either if you drink that!

Isn’t that the stuff we had at Mojo’s that time? :confused:

yup :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

note the location, that’s the top drawer of the freezer :slight_smile: I liked it when warm but thought it should be chilled, so trying it after a few hours in the freezer :slight_smile:

I can’t wait :lol:


Taken from their website:

Bungi-jumping, sky-diving, white-water rafting, extreme skiing and
shooting STROH 80 are all extreme sports


Raise the shot glass above your head, shout “STROH” take a large breath and down it in one gulp. [b]Do not inhale through your mouth for some time after.[/b]”