The Haggis Has Landed

:smiley: My God What Have I Done :smiley:

:lol: You’ll learn :rolleyes:

ok, thats it, 5 posts… now its Manditory, you have to Crunch

he’s here! yey! :smiley:

mmmmm haggis.
well thats dinner sorted :). when can we pick u up :stuck_out_tongue:

What where when why who :wink:

wont be long till you are a bumbling mess like most of us :stuck_out_tongue:

:Orbit: Urrrgg? :confused:

'ello Haggis :wave:

ignore this lot, they’re all crazy :cuckoo:

what you need is interesting and stimulating conversation with someone sane … like me :eyes: :dizzy:

and I think scottishbird is trying to look under your kilt :eek:

“sane” what is the meaning of this word?!