The number of the beast

For my 400th post, I would like to celebrate the achievement of 666th position in Rosetta@home, as shown by BoincStats:

User ID 673
Total Credit 23,720.23
World Position (based on incremental update) 666

That is almost exactly my user id number, from which one could deduce that I have made hardly any progress at all since I joined!

Oh, and I’ve just noticed that this is the 1,666th thread in the Biological Sciences forum!

That’s scary. Well done Michael

There are also currently 963 threads in the Mos Espa Comedy Club, with 333 threads in the Networking forum and 444 in Sebulba’s pit lane.

There are close misses in *nix and Other Operating Systems with 336 threads, the Mos Espa Grand Arena with 225 and the Galactic Senate with 113. Ogame has 166.

Well done Michael, keep up the good work. :thumbsup: