The results are in!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to do this thread, but I was waiting on one last answer :slight_smile:

Ok, the results of the vote for what the fund from Mojo’s meets should be spent on is below. Even if your choice wasn’t the ‘winner’ this time, it’s always a thought for spending of future funds.

Anyway, without further ado, the results are:

Sega Rally Arcade - 14 votes
Projector - 7 votes
Do toilets in function room up - 9 votes
Money to seti/other project - 2 votes
Money behind the bar - 1 vote
Money to charity - 1 vote

So for this time, Sega Rally Arcade wins :rotate: Thank you to all of you for casting your votes and as I said the other options are something to consider for next build up of funds :thumbsup:

i know i want in favour of the winner but how many seats has it got? 2 or more?

We are looking to get a 2 seater one so that we can have drunken races against each other :wink:

Anything like this? or maybe

This going to be free once installed? :wink:

That’s them Mackerel :nod:

AFAIK, yes Drezha :slight_smile:

free if u have the key to money box hehe

Ahh the arcade days down at the beach a £1 coin on a bit of string free goes for life…:stuck_out_tongue:
then again Andrew Lambert banned from every arcade for life :stuck_out_tongue: or pay up to £10,000 on paying for all the free go’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder if any of Martins regulars would like a go…for a small fee of course…when us lot arn’t there. Possible way of increasing our coffers or paying Martin for the elec the thing uses.

I think this blows guys. :frowning:
I cant see the point of wasteing cash on hiring a thing like a sega rally machine for a few days. It won’t be cheap for sure when its got to be delivered and picked up etc etc.

I still think we should go with the projector and then if neccesary BUY an XBox360 and two steering wheels, at least it would be ours to keep, and the graphics would be a shedload better…

Mind you, whenever i enter the function room at mojos, I cant move for high spec PC’s which are ALL capable of playing games, and connected to a Gigabit network for that matter. Hmmm :confused:

Shoot me down in flames guys, but this threads got me feeling the same as the Major.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I think that this vote has not been explained in full.
The Sega Rally is being rented for the meeting, and then it goes back.
What is the point of that?
We were given a list of things to spend the collective cash on and once again the democratic process falls over to the bright and shiny things, like Sega Rally or (as in the real elections) you can have some cash now in the form of a rebate.
The only problem with these is that once the collective cash has been spent IT IS GONE and with Sega Rally there is nothing to show for it.
At least with the projector or even fixing the toilets there is something permanent.
I think that if we “rent” the Sega (or even if we buy one) it is a waste of money; if only there was some other way to play this type of game; maybe some type of machines could be linked together (networked) that would allow the “users” to play against each other.
If only. We can dream…

Maybe there was some discussion elsewhere I’m now aware of, but I thought the orignial vote was to BUY Sega Rally. If this is not an option as it appears, then how about gathering suggestions and setting up a new vote.

Just so that it is clear, this is for deciding what to do with the mojos meet funds, which is seperate from any other funds.

At the places I’ve looked, they have been a £600+ hire charge
which does seem a waste of money IMV.

We could all have a group day out at a theme park.

Let’s hold the next TPR event at the Membury Services on the M4.
It has easy access and can be reached very easily, and they have 2 Seaga Rally machines there for free (well £1 a time).

PMSL :smiley:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


the 360 has to be the best suggestion…as there are many more games that can be played… and also more players…

but sega rally is a naff idea !

OK, meet you there.
I might be a bit late but feel free to start without me.

Do the toilets need fixing ?
Just step over DT and use the ladies.

I’m with Mackerel on this. the origianl vote WAS to BUY a sega rally machine, not to hire one. If it’s not an option to buy one (as in we can’t) then another vote is needed. If it’s down to ‘it’s a waste of money to buy one lets hire it’ then whats the use of voting for something in the first place when others can change what was voted for?
I think it needs to be cleared up why what was voted for is not going to happen out in the open, not behind closed doors.

They have new lavvies and no DT in the ladies, but some strange holes drilled in the side of the cubicle, that someone has named “Glory Holes” for some reason.

We can all decided what to spend the money on when we are at the TPR meet, that way most of the regulars can debate over a pint rather than typing copious amounts of data in to this thread.
Just a thought.:smiley: