The Sundy "SETI BOINC" Flame - 14th November 2004

14th November 2004

Here are the weekly team SETI BOINC stats for TPR members (info kindly provided by, based on total credit. More changes in most divisions, some due to the new members who have joined us this week. New recruits have come aboard and so anyone not making the grade in Division 10 have been sent down to the Conference League. If you wanna get back into the Divisions, guys, get crunching. I’ve also added The Strip Club, for those crunchers who have achieved milestones, resulting in the removal of certain articles of clothing, as per Mojo’s table. Here’s the stats

New Recruits
A big :wavey: welcome goes out to The Dirts, Frank A. Ross, Tzal_Maweth and Storm PCs :funknana: .

None this week! :slight_smile:

The SETI BOINC Strip Club
Those removing articles of clothing this week are:
Victor Lawrence, Rick, Droid & Razinhell who lose their straitjackets on reaching 10000 cobblestones
Fleeing Banana Stomper who lose their foot-shackles on reaching 20000 cobblestones
Fatterbob & sirgaz who lose their handcuffs on reaching 30000 cobblestones
PSI Global lose their blindfold on reaching 70000 cobblestones
morpheus loses his shirt on reaching 80000 cobblestones
Renata and Neal Chantrill who just pipped DoubleTop to become naked and gibbering, are removed from their cell and instantly promoted to the executive board of the institution for reaching 100000 cobblestones ! Well done guys.

Position change from 06/11/04 18:39 GMT to 13/11/2004 18:39 GMT

Premier League (click to view)

AvalonPlasticsITDept continues to stay on top with 36210WUs produced this week. Renata and Neal Chantrill finally get one over on Double Top and move into the number 6 spot. Deaky & The Fiend both take two paces forward ousting Damski & Egad Ivegoninsane in the process.

Division 1 (click to view)

Piet steps over Joe, to take over the number 5 place in the division. Islander
moves up 2 places stomping Master of Puppets & luke in the process. sirgaz leap-frogs over the top of Fatterbob into the number 13 spot. ColossusX moves up 3 places, is promoted :yippee: to hold the anchor position in the division.

Division 2 (click to view)

R33 takes a single step forward to sit at the top spot, closely followed by Darin Billing who takes 3 steps forward over the top of ike and Donna^^O^^Darko in the process. FleeingBananaStomper continue their rise to stardom, moving up 1 place to the number 6 spot at the expense of The Goodies. Peige takes another 3 more steps to stop at the number 8 spot. Scott climbs another 4 places and comes to rest at number 10. Jim Wile moves up 2 places to the number 11 position. Anubis_SG1 climbs 4 places, is promoted :yippee: and stops to rest at the anchor position.

Division 3 (click to view)

John Tyll rises a further 3 places to take the number 2 spot as pong and Sark3k move downward. Captain Beyond moves at the speed of light, to stop at number 5. Kevin G. Clarke leaps a creditable 2 places stopping at number 7, closely followed by Razinhell who rises an another 2 places, to sit at number 10. Victor Lawrence rises 4 places, is promoted :yippee: only stopping after reaching the number 12 spot. Droid moves off the bottom leap-frogging AGD in the process.

Division 4 (click to view)

Sigg takes a single step forward to grab the top spot from jalagon moves up 1 place to number 3 as Micro7 flies up a further 5 places stopping at the number 4 position. Russell L. Wright moves up another step, stopping at the number 7 position. andyu takes 2 more places and comes to rest at number 9. Mathena takes a single step forward, is promoted :yippee: and comes to rest at the anchor position.


Division 5 (click to view)

Don Mueller takes an enormous 29 places :eek: , scales 2 divisions and stops at numero uno in the division, ready to pounce on the next division. Ares rises a mighty 5 places pausing for breath at number 3. Gerald Saunders moves an awesome 10 places, is promoted :yippee: and stops at number 11. Mike Killmeyer runs up another 1 place, is promoted and comes to rest at the anchor position.

Division 6 (click to view)

Mordant makes another 5 positions disappear and stops at the number 4 position. The Dirts join the league and make their stand at the number 9 position. TankGirl
moves up 6 places, is promoted :yippee: and pauses for a break at the anchor spot.

Division 7 (click to view)

Thentil takes another 7 places forward only stopping at the number 2 spot because he has to. Big Six flies up an enormous 47 places :eek: scales 3 divisions, stopping at the number 3 position. Watch out Premiership! MirekSabiniewicz continues his rise to fame, scaling another 4 places, stopping at the number 10 spot. Charlie1 & Vortex Graphics both climb 5 places, are promoted :yippee: and come to rest at 13 & 14 respectively. phees moves up 2 places, is promoted :yippee: and holds up the anchor position.

Division 8 (click to view)

Frank A. Ross joins the league at the number 2 spot at the expense of drezha & MMJ. Abie move up 2 places to the number 7 spot as Don Farry & Deac Starkiller move downwards. Safire rises up an impressive 5 places to take up residence at the number 8 spot. Tzal_Maweth joins the league and helps himself to the number 14 position.

Division 9 (click to view)

The only movement again this week is in a downward spiralling direction, with no units produced at all :chin: .

Division 10(click to view)

Storm PCs is a newcomer to the league, sets up its stall at the number 3 spot and is the only mover in this division.

Members dropping down to the Conference: :frowning:
Crazy Phil

Once again, welcome to the new team members. It’s been a very busy week and there are some interesting movements as well as some concerning non-movers. Remember if you have any issues getting units or with BOINC itself, let us know in the forums guys. We’re here to help you :nod: .

League Divisions 13/11/04 are here for viewing.

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Big Six flies up an enormous 47 places scales 3 divisions, stopping at the number 3 position. Watch out Premiership!


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