There's a good chance...

that i’ll be buying a second hand Honda Civic V-Tec hatch soon, 1997 model with full service history, leather interior, new Bridgestone Potenzas etc.

Very sexeh motah:nod:

R45 000-00 (3700-00 pounds)

Mmmmm V-Tec :smiley:

Used to quite enjoy the old shape Toyota Corolla Twincam that Avis had available in your neck of the woods a few years ago.

Hmmm, about 1993-1994 ish I reckon

Had the first one with 250Km on the clock as a free upgrade when I took back a badly repaired BMW.

An easy 230Kmh I seem to remember with a record of 7 speed camera flashes in one day :chuckle: but never a fine by post.

In fact the only time I got caught speeding was near Alberton and the speed trap cop waddled into the middle of the road still clutching his burger. I felt sorry for him and stopped while he wrote the ticket, £6 for 100Kmh in a 60 zone.

Still got the ticket somewhere, A Skulderkennig or something like that since it was all in Afrikaans.

The Honda sounds nice, especially if its dealer maintained.
Just dont go spoiling it with blue LED washer jets or any tacky add-ons.

One thing about SA is when you fill it with 97 octane and you’re driving at the coast man does she move.

The car is my girlfriends mothers from new so all is 100% in perfect working order.

LOL @ the traffic cop, they’re all pretty much the same.

I made a mistake about the year. This is the first one in SA of all Civic V-Tecs and according to the importers only arrived early 1998 so that’s when it was registered:D