They must be desparate

You’re the Astropulse user of the day!


You’ve been chosen as the Astropulse user of the day! Your
profile will be featured on the Astropulse website for the next 24
hours. Thanks again for supporting us- it’s members like you that
make distributed computing projects like ours such a success.

Best regards and much thanks,

The Astropulse team.

Don’t think I’ve crunched anything yet it was nothing but
trouble kept saying all my units were corrupt and then
try downloading fresh repeating process and hammering
the ickle old 56Ker to death not touch it since and that
was ages ago, O’Well hay ho :smiley:

As they’re only a few AstroPulse crunchers, it’s pretty easy to be chosen. I was the user of the day a few weeks ago. I think Sir Ulli was so honored. I know Crystallize was.

Well i got an AstraPlus…think i mite get a look in?




Yes, there are not too many pulsers atm, even less with a profile so you stand a good chance of that pedestal. Even I got my ‘man of the moment’ email.

Anyway well done m8.