This weekends competition

Completely stealing the idea from a thread ReikiMaster pointed me to on Yorkshire Divers…

So TPR, the competition is for a short story, based on absolutely anything you like. BUT the story must include at least 15 usernames from the forums :smiley:

So a quick example ;

“We all ran about playing AirSoft for hours, with ten minutes to go we ran out of ammo. Jo was the first to respond, getting to the ammo tent first.”

Crunching time for the crunchers or Ogame minerals for those who play, your choice.

Looking forward to your efforts :smiley:


What if you don’t do either? :wink:

picky :moon: errrmmm the you can have a :banana: instead :stuck_out_tongue:


One weekend wolram was at mojos pub while binlala was playing darts and hit doubletop with a missed dart and was thumped by hidden spirit who in turned kicked curly99 who fell into juggys lap. Link tried to stop the ensuing fight and had to ask Dr Johnson to tend to doubletop while kevin tried to play dark throne and talking to juggy via broadband. Wheelieslug was propping up the bar with a pint in his hand getting cloudhunter drunk. While bigsheff1 was filming this for the TPR Forum news section. drezha walks intothe pub and says “drinks on me”. yippe says everyone as we all gather round and watch the video of it all.

hang on sheffy, :eek:

… all I have at the moment is once upon a time :lol:

It was 10:13. A Slim scottishbird walked into the cafe. She was one heck of a FoxyLady.

There was music in the background, ABBA I think. Men were playing darts. “what shall we start from?” “888” came the reply. After a while the cries “Bullseye”, “DoubleTwelve” and “DoubleTop” were heard.

A Droid behind the counter Butuz the toast in readiness for the next order.

The slim scottishbird ordered a coffee. “what sort?” asked the alien waiter. “Alta Rica of course!” she replied.

She twirled the sp00n aimlessly, reminiscing on the Special K she had for breakfast.

She got into her car and started to drive. She looked at the Speedo as she was beren right heading towards a Big T junction - 160mph and then she drove over a Spike. “Damn and Blast” she said (she was never one to Mincer words!).

After cheating Death on a Dusty highway she wondered what else the day had in store for her.

She fumbled in her pocket and found the Gizmo was still there. It was strange, almost alive, like it had a Hidden Spirit.

She had just got the car up on the Jack when she saw the Jay See Bee coming towards her…

(to be continued…) 27 so far

Nice one Alta :thumbsup:

Brucie was blind drunk again, not that it mattered to the Wolram who’d seen it all before (and probably eaten most of it). Like a Hairymonster standing in the Darkshadow unreached by the Phlame from a flickering candle he waited for him to Lurch past, drawn with Radar like accuracy towards the Gatekeeper inn. “Bob a Job week must be paying well” said Barry, not looking up from where he was inserting another Mackerel into the Mincer. Sgt Bilko nodded wisely, grabbed another bottle of Ch!lled Budwei2er from the table and inspected the Barcode before opening it.

Gotta hand it to you guys, they’re all fantastic :lol:

someone trying to say i :drink: alot ? :glug: :cheers: :cool:

hehe, I know you’d like a few if you could :wink:

… hows things going anyway m8 ?

not to bad wolram m8 thanks still breathing anyway …lol got 4 more chemo sessions to go then have to have a CT scan to see if it’s all gone :slight_smile: . and yes i’ve had a few :drink: tonight and a BBQ :smiley:


That’s the one for me :thumbsup: Nice one Alta :smiley:

PM me your choice of prize :slight_smile:


:woot: I got a mention :clap:

:bigdump: Alta :smiley:


Thanks :thumbsup: