Tilt Shift

Really enjoyed the video… just wanted to pass it around for everyone to see it :slight_smile:

Enjoyed it as well… thanks! :slight_smile:

Really cool, would love to learn how.
and second the thanks for sharing.


lol :frowning:


lol :([/QUOTE]
Any chance I could borrow your bank account:newmon:

Ooh, messing around with videos (even photos) like that has been on my “to do” list for a while. Unless you need to go ultra-wide angle, the old TS-E 24L is typically found used around £700 (I got one :D).

The cheaper option is to fake it in software :slight_smile: From memory the Olympus E-P2 does that built in, although I guess you couldn’t call it cheap either…

I like watching this one in the past… note it is on a random loop so don’t wait for it to finish :smiley: