Tiny Samba box

hardware = pentium166, 32Mb ram and a couple hundred Mb HD (can be upgraded to a few gig if needed)

Box task = allow more than ten users to connect to a shared folder, unlike the XP professional limit of 10 concurrent users

Distro advice please, DSL was teh first to jump to mind but I’m after a quick fix and a scan of the docs and I’m not sure it has samba as a default package. So I’m being lazy (nothing new), any distros optimised for small hardware Samba boxes ?


Theres an option I noticed on the Centos install to select minimal install packages as a basis for building routers and firewalls.
I dont have anything as creaky as a P166 to hand but if I can get a box running with a disk swap i’ll give that a go in a minute.
Anything to relieve the tedium of benchmarking :rolleyes:

Want a kickstart CFG file to select bare minimum and samba ?

never used Centos to be honest, but willing to have a play later, waiting for the penny to drop with the client that it is cheaper to buy a new box than pay me to mess about …

Who am I to complain though when on an hourly rate :devil: :lol:

Cheers TFW :thumbsup:


Not used it, but there’s www.freenas.org - freebsd based not linux, 96MB min ram required according to manual.

I’m fairly sure there’s a dedicated linux distro for NAS but I can’t remember the name of it nor search for it…


The Centos minimal install for firewalls/routers is still 679Mb
The quest continues

This looked like just what you needed, minimum requirements P166 with 32mb


but its not on the pricelist anymore so may have been discontinued.

Its probably going to be simplest for them to pay for a mythical weekends work and let you recycle a beige box from the farm into a spiffingly good net appliance.
That way theres no invoice for the hardware so no years warranty to fret about and you havent supplied hardware so the Tax Man isn’t interested.

So its Win-Win plus you get a budget for a Dual Core box to replace it

an absolute cracking distro, install it, hide the box and then configure the whole thing using the built in webserver.


The Samba box is superb, nicely backed onto Slackware, currently running providing nice rates of transfer over the network on a P166 with 32Mb of ram !!