To all the german speakers,.....

please can u translate this as google and others come back with something about hitting with baked fish… :confused: :confused:

my mums uncle is from Hamburg if that anyhelp with dialect.

Ich wünsche euch einen gedckten Tisch an jeder ecke einen gebackenen fisch und mitten hinein drei kannen wein daß Ihr dabei könnt frölich sein veil, veil glück und sonnen schein, alles erdenkliche gute gute gesundheit und veil erfolg für euren gemeinsamen weg

“I wish you a loaded table with a baked fish at every corner and three jugs of wine in the middle so you can be happy, lots and lots of luck and sunshine, every conceivable blessing, good health and much success for your journey together.”

I think I would like to join in those good wishes, if I may.

That sounds like a good blessing if you ask me,