Today - Hottest day ever in UK

The record for the hottest day ever in Britain was broken today as temperatures soared to 37.4C.
Recorded at Heathrow airport, it beat the existing record of 37.1C - recorded at Cheltenham in August 1990.

The Met Office confirmed the new record at 1350 BST, adding that the temperature may not have reached its peak.

Source BBC News

I feel so badly for my friends in the UK, so many have to suffer without air conditioning. Few people in air conditioner stores have the slighest idea how to make a home comfortable. I’m sure the percentage in the UK is even lower. Here are a few of my thoughts. I hope they are helpful.

To get through it I always leave the windows tightly closed, even when the air conditioning is off. This helps keep the humidity out which is 90 percent of the problem. I have three dehumidifiers which run all of the time. I have to empty each of them twice a day. The air conditioners are set to make the room tolerable. They are on even if we are away for vacation. I put a dehumidifier or two by a sink so it can drain without filling up.

This way the fish don’t boil, the computers don’t catch fire and the dehumidifiers are able to keep up with the humidity

I have a big old ramshackle house. I have window unit air conditioners which are uncommon here except in older apartment buildings and houses without forced air heat.

Humidity builds up in the carpets, furniture, clothing, etc. If you can keep it under control you will always be comfortable. Ever felt cold and clammy? That is the worst and caused by too much humidity. Going from cold and clammy to humid outside is what makes people feel so lousy and sick in the summer.

My best suggestion to survive this heat is. Keep your windows closed. turn on one window air conditioner preferably a smaller one at the highest point in the house. One, the cool air will fall to lower portions and two if it’s too small to cool the entire area it will be forced to run 24/7. That is good as it will remove the most moisture for the electricity used. If you have a basement, invest in a dehumidifier.

I hope everything turns cool soon.

Nice and cool here :slight_smile: overcast with a distance rumble
of thunder now and then with a cool breeze blowing
through the open windows :slight_smile:

Yesterday though :eek: too hot for me.

tbh I love it, but I have been off work all the week, I hope it cools on Wednesday when I have to go back to work

I must add I have not done anything this week except pop out 1st thing in the morning to buy supplies and let the dogs have a quick walk/swim, if I had to do anything I may not love this heat so much.

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/M@tt goes back to bobbing around in his frame pool :stuck_out_tongue:

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Frame pools are illegal here. Enjoy your swim. :wave:

I love summer in Montana. I was there last year in the middle of August. It snowed eight inchs a couple of times that week.

what’s a frame pool, and why are they illegal?

Originally posted by Lucifer
what’s a frame pool, and why are they illegal?

This is our frame pool, they are not illegal in the UK.

I want!!!

That is a frame pool or, as they are called here, an above ground pool. They are illegal in my town and a number of others because they can cause a wall of water to suddenly greet your neighbor. Also, there is a requirement that all pools have a four foot fence surrounding them with a self closing gate openable only by an adult. Even towns in my county that allow above ground pools the fence requirements still apply. A fence around your property or the backyard isn’t sufficient as the house can not make up part of the fence. That way a child cannot come out of the house and dive right in. On Long Island and in other places that require a fence have an exemption for temporary structures.

Originally posted by Bibby
I want!!!

Best thing we have bought, relatively cheap as well. TC got it :slight_smile:

Me likes mine!

MAOJC, that really is an impressive sight…I’m not even a tiny bit jealous, honest! :smiley:

I’ve been out on my bike around SW London today, and I was out at Kew Gardens and Richmond yesterday. I’m not surprised that the temperature records have gone, it really has been effin’ steaming this weekend down here. Still, Richmond by the Thames was a pretty awesome sight yesterday afternoon. The women that the heat brings out are amazing. :devil:

Originally posted by Mincer
The women that the heat brings out are amazing. :devil:

jeez it is like that 10 months out of the year here. Now my neighbor has this 17 year old daughter! :devil: :lol:

Originally posted by MAOJC
Now my neighbor has this 17 year old daughter! :devil: :lol:

I’ll report that to my neighbor Bill Clinton.

Originally posted by MAOJC
Now my neighbor has this 17 year old daughter! :devil: :lol:

Well…photos please!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Bibby
Well…photos please!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

If I got caught taking pics they would accuse me of being a perv! :devil:

Originally posted by MAOJC
If I got caught taking pics they would accuse me of being a perv! :devil:

accuse? :confused:

just spent the last 6 days helping friends decorate their new house.

wallpaper stripping with steamer, sanding, painting (4 coats).

3 rooms


Well I live in NE ohio its been between 70 and 80 degrees F. here. Not bad, But the RAIN everyday SUCKS. I really feal sorry for all of you in the UK were it is hot. Its been on Fox news here about the UK for days. :frowning: