Todays experiment....

Diet coke + Mentos, I wonder if this was discovered by scientific means or there was a very suprised person chewing a mint and feeling a bit thirsty ?

You just know I’m going to test this :slight_smile:

Link to the originarors site, they prefer not to use google video

heh that was cool :smiley:

that went beyond cool, that was fantastic!

A coke and mentos spud gun comes to mind :devil:

Not a single Mentos mint to be found in Sainsburys this afternoon.

Trebor extra strong mints? :smiley:

gaviscon tablets :devil: or possibly even those kettle limescale tablets :devil: :devil:


I think the reaction is more down to the surface texture of the mints causing gas bubble release. Like those “Nucleated” lager glasses that have a logo etched into the bottom so your glass of Wife-beater will always have a good head.
Dont pour real ale into one of those glasses unless you want three pints of head to go with your beer.

Alka-seltzer has possibilities though

Did anyone notice that they used “special” caps on the bottles? They probably drilled holes in the caps to make a better nozzle. That would also explain why they added the mints via something that looked like a straw.

Somebody tried a similar experiment with Beer


And with Tetleys

Did you ever find mentos TFW? Asda & Wilkinson’s have them :smiley: