Todays Project

… was all about loosing a bit of wall and some front lawn and gaining a third parking space. Used the stones from the wall to edge the lawn.

Knacked :frowning:

A very nice job you did too! Well done Mr B. Better than decorating and more fun :nod:
Droid<---------- hates decorating

You forgot to mention me:( your labourer assistant that moved all the wall blocks cleaned the mortar off of them and went to the tip with all the rubble:mad:


Again :smiley:

:lol: Nice one Mrs B. BALROG!! :nono:


Ooops :stuck_out_tongue:

here was me sitting here thinking Chris must have come back then, but even worse :bondage:


(some would say well played Mr B :clap: :lol: )

Wolram, (who has always thought of himself as one of the best DIY dodgers in the UK ) bows in recognition of a true master :worship:

… as the saying goes “idle hands mean others work” :smiley: :smiley: