Todays terrible events

A tragedy has evolved over the day for sure, 12 people now + the gunman :frowning:

I was talking to a US citizen earlier who although expressed his feelings about being able to arm himself, openly wondered if the “UK spree was in any way influenced by the regularity of these events in the US”. I do hope not, apparently there will be a government stance on this and possibly a a knee jerk law to this event. I hope they take the time to think legislation through if they do make changes.

I truly feel for all those in the area, floods, the bus crash and now today. Such a tragic and wasteful loss of life :cry:


Malcom - Yes indeed, very tragic events have unfolded today.

I was held back at work because it happened only a couple of miles away from where I work, and i know two of the victims, one of whom was a former amateur international rugby player, who played for my local club.

What amazes me that the shooting rampage was allowed to continue for 3 hours and the lunatic drove past 2 police stations.!!!

The shootings, the coach crash last week and the floods last year have certainly knocked the community. But strong community spirit will help people get through this.

I once travelled to Paris on the coach that crashed and know the driver.

It is now 6 moths since the flooding and the area is just starting to get back to some form of normality after the flooding.


I really do feel for you Neil, I can’t imagine the thoughts in your head at the moment, just be sure we’re here to help however we can :slight_smile:

There was a witness report of a driver sat next to the gunman at lights, driver realised and shot a red light to get away. I do hope the media treat this with the tact it deserves and there are not a hype of ‘eye-witnesses’ with over dramatised versions of events.

I’m truly lost for words :frowning:


I don’t know what to say about such a terrible waste of life.
Thoughts with the relatives of all.

It seems very callous to say that the odds of it happening make it an acceptable risk without further big brother legislation - but that’s the way I feel on a personal safety level, considering road deaths, terrorism, workplace accidents etc.

There’s nothing left to ban apart from breathing and visiting the toilet. The events are tragic but I can’t see a role for legislation, as a society we have to accept that from time to time we will experience events outside the norm, no matter how much we change the rules these things will always happen.

A number of the deaths could have been prevented by having an armed response unit locally but they had to travel all the way from county HQ… about 50 miles away from where it started. :furious:

Since the victims have been named today I know 2 of the dead and one of the injured.