Tonights entertainment has been

a half bottle of Southern Comfort :smiley: and a game brought for the kids. You know those “retro” game pads you plug into the telly, well tonight I have been beating Beckie with some much amusement at Mappy and a space invaders game similiar to the first first game I played on a COMPUTER that was mine (paper rounds and Santa combo ;)), my trusty Commodore 64 that played Xerons first. The exact name on this handheld thing escapes me but tremendous fun - some of the newer game developers should play this stuff to remember what the term “gameplay” implies. :smiley:


I love pacman…best game ever imho…

I want one of those game pads…:frowning:

they are on special offer at toys’r’us - we went for the one with pac man and the atari pack, 2 for £20 or something like that.

This mornings entertainment for the kids was Daddy being a grump with a headache :lol:


When I read tha yesterday I could have predicted the out come with that much consumption of Sudden Discomfort! :lol: