Top100 return for TPR?

Let’s throw down a gauntlet to ourselves!! I’ve just peeked at the stats and there is the statistical possibility that we can return to top100 before Christmas.

It makes a nice little target to try and hit, keep on crunching :smiley:


You would say that just as I’m about to shut down for a week’s vacation… :frowning:

Let’s go for it anyway! Crunchers warm the house when it’s cold outside, and I do believe Winter has arrived! Crank up the CPUs and put that thermal energy to good use!

Popped it on my laptop to help the cause. Don’t know if it will crunch too much, but here goes anyway…

my 24/7 GTX460 is pushing out 9100ppd with no overclock and current batch of units, the last load the GPU was getting were 1200ppd :frowning:

I’ve kept the home machine on for a few days as well, but as the prices of electric are rising now that will have to stop soon, or move into the office :chuckle:


went into the office today to do some testing on a machine brought round :frowning: Had a look at the ‘new’ 460 to find a long list on errors in the logs, it’s only completed two units :frowning: Machine at home, same card has been fine so I can’t see it being bad units.



RMA’d card now installed :slight_smile: Fingers crossed :xfinger:


team just had a :stomp: to take us back to 102nd :woot: a stomp :stomp: of team MacAddict4Life :funknana:

According to the ExtremeOC stats, 3 days and we’ll make 100th :woot: :clap: and just over a week will see the magic - just don’t mention shrubbery :wink:


Fired up a box.

[00:28:53] Writing local files
[00:29:47] Extra SSE boost OK.
[00:29:47] Writing local files
[00:29:47] Completed 0 out of 250000 steps (0)

Time to see if any of this pile of P4’s are in running order.
Well it will keep my office warm at the very least (or maybe above freezing)

nice one TF :smiley:

Back from vacation… where are we at?

we are now at position 100 :woot: :woot:

I think I may celebrate by putting another 460 into a 24/7 cruncher :lol:


Not quite the same without Curly driving the stats machine.

Anyone seen him about on his other hangouts ?

Not seen him for a while. Stats say we’re back down at 102 at the mo as well :frowning:

sent him a message on FaceBook :slight_smile:

which stats? going by here, we’re safe in 100th


Going by the Stanford stats

I assume they’re right :shrug:

look at place 100 on that page :lol:

Buggy, what :chuckle:


Curls is having problems with his eyes, and the docs and chemists don’t seem to be helping too much either. He’ll be back soon, once he’s back to full health :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed they get him sorted DT :xfinger:

Cheers for the update DT.

Hope you get it sorted out soon Curly.

my output slowing back down now 1 GTX460 will be running when in use, and no longer 24/7