big shock to system - the secretary of the darts team at the club where I played three winning seasons passed away from a heart attack. he was in his early 40’s still lived at home looking after his frail mother, was in his first real relationship as well :sad:

and I though he was one of the healthier ones, top bloke - stats mad, did all sorts of graphs on scoring and allsorts.

I’ll miss ya Gingell :hail:



It’s a sad loss m8 :frowning: Makes you appreciate the time you have even more.

There’s definitely no telling who might be next is there… my dad is only 54 but he’s had heart trouble for years (probably booze and fags don’t help) but it makes me wonder it it’s hereditory :uhh:

Tis a frail thing this mortal coil. Thoughts with you.

I am at the ripe old age of 42. A good mate of mine from school died 16 months ago of a heart attack. What is even more tragic about his family though is that both his sisters had died before him, one of DVT after flying back from USA and the other was murdered by her jealous husband - Leaving their parents to bring up all the grandchildren.

It certainly brings it home to you how fragile life can be!

Sad loss mate.

I’m 37. Last weekend, one of my high school classmates passed away from pancreatic cancer. The last three months for him were pure hell.

When my sister was a senior in high school, one of her friends was murdered by her boyfriend. That idiot didn’t stand a chance. They lived across the street from the police station. When someone comes walking out of a house covered in blood during a shift change… Well you get the picture.